FAQ (Frequent Answered Questions)

No, You Must have At Least PhotoShop CS3 to run the Delux Editor X software. Some options in PhotoShop CS3 do not work, but you can do album designing, both manual and auto. But if you want to use all the advanced features and options of Delux Editor X, then for that you should have minimum Adobe Photoshop CC2019. If you have the latest version of Photoshop CC2021, then Delux Editor X is fine.
Yes, there is no problem in formatting the computer, there should not be any hardware change.
You will get this software by online download link. The download link of the software will be sent via E-mail ID you will give us while making payment for the software. Google Pay, PhonePe,PayTM:- 7978763604 Send us screen short of WhatsApp:- 8018025188
No, no, this software only runs on Only Windows PC.
With this software you will get 500+ PSD Templates (12 × 36), over 1000 Overlay Effects, 300+ PSD / PNG Frames, 500+ Masks, 1000 + Wallpapers, 1000+ Clip Art, how to install and activate the software instructions, How to use software videos etc.
No, No Dongle comes with this software. This software comes with its License Key and you can use this software only in one computer.
This software also works in computers with dual core processors and two GB RAM but it works slow, so we recommend using a computer with at least 8GB RAM and i3 processor.
No, you can just use this software in one computer. If you have two computers, you will have to buy two different software. If you have five computers, you will have to buy five software.
No, if some minor updates of the software will come then you will get it absolutely free, but if there is a big update of the software, then you will have to pay some charges for it.
Buying, selling or using pirated version of any software is a very big cyber crime. Catching those who are using crack software is easier than catching those who are selling crack software. Whenever you connect your computer to the Internet, the Delux Editor X software will automatically send your details to the company to check whether your Delux Editor X software is original or pirated version. Once the crack software is found in your studio, office or home computer in the police and company guerrilla proceedings, then you are set to face five years in jail or a fine of three lakh rupees. Crack sellers keep changing SIM cards every month, but if you are a professional, you may have a problem. Crack seller will run away hiding somewhere like a thief, but if you are a professional just because of a small amount of money, you will lose respect in market. If you have a Gumasta license by your studio's name, you could be fined even more. Do not wait for the call to come from the cyber crime branch. Be honest and respect yourself and work on legal software. If you purchased your software from our website www.deluxeditor.in or by sending a payment to 7978763604, then your software is original and if you have downloaded or purchased from elsewhere, you will face the problem soon, And if someone has given you the crack software by fooling you or you have downloaded it by mistake, you can buy the original license by calling 7978763604 and paying Rs.2000 / - so that there is no problem in future. Content Protection by DMCA.com