Terms & Conditions - Delux Editor Pro Software

Terms & Conditions

Here is our term & conditions. Please read everything before buying the Delux Editor Pro Software.


  • Delux Editor Pro works in single computer only.
  • You will receive the Delux Editor Pro Software's download link automatically in your given email id after doing the payment. Along with software you will also receive download link of PSD Templates, Overlay Effects, PSD/PNG Frames, Masks, Wallpapers, Clip Art etc.
  • No Dongle comes with this software. Only Registration Key Comes. After activating the software you can’t uninstall and reinstall it on any other computer.
  • If you format your computer then same Old Registration Key can be worked. If any issue so contact to our team.
  • If your Processor, Motherboard or Hard Disk crashes or get changed due to any reason you have to Swap the Delux Editor Pro Software by paying the INR.1200 price. It will be only once.

Updates and Compatibility

  • There will be no free updates for the Delux Editor Pro software. There will be some charges for updates.
  • Delux Editor Pro supports Adobe Photoshop CS3 also but some features don’t work properly in CS3 so we suggest to use Adobe Photoshop CC2019, CC2020,CC2021,CC2022 or CC2023

Note: By buying and using Delux Editor Pro Software, you agree to these terms and conditions.